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In late June of 2020, a group of local citizens came together over their shared concern about the need to preserve the state endowment lands in the McCall, Idaho area. After meeting together for several months, these citizens realized their shared values and goals in the formation of the Payette Endowment Lands Alliance (PELA), an Idaho registered nonprofit corporation, to provide a public voice for the preservation of the endowment lands in the McCall, Idaho area.  In April 2021  PELA received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) meaning that donations, including past donations, are tax deductible.  Our Mission/Vision and Values, our Board of Directors, and our Coalition partners can be viewed by clicking the buttons below.  



The McCall area lands are precious. They provide critical wildlife habitat. They provide the watershed for Big Payette Lake, which is the sole drinking water supply for McCall. And they also provide a refuge for people from everyday life as well as unlimited recreational opportunities. 


Residents and visitors to McCall know the beauty and wonder of the area where a person can still see undeveloped forests and wildlife around Payette and Little Payette lakes. These lands are what fundamentally makes McCall, McCall. PELA envisions a future where these lands and their ecosystem are protected and enhanced for perpetuity, where lands are accessible to all not just a privileged few, and where the lands productively support the state of Idaho endowment trust fund.

Events and Updates:

Hands Around the Lake - COME JOIN US at the HANDS AROUND THE LAKE RALLY on SATURDAY JULY 10th at 12 noon, where we will gather at Legacy Park (next to the Marina in downtown McCall) and then go in groups to encircle the lake, taking a stand on Eastside Drive, Lick Creek Road, or Warren Wagon Road in front of each beloved parcel of state land. We will end at 2:00 with a loud noise that can reverberate around the Lake. Social distancing will be possible and masks are always welcome. In addition, bandanas or masks may be comfortable if you are standing by an unpaved road.  Key areas include:

  • Green Gate (parcel L)

  • The thinking spot and North Fork meanders (parcel I) –

  • The Diving Rocks (parcel H) –

  • The access road to the Crestline Trail (parcel E) –

  • The granite bluffs above the mouth of Lake Fork Creek flowing into Little Lake –

  • The Little Lake access dock

  • The access beach on the East side (parcel G) –

  • The access to Twah Creek Trail (parcel I)

  • Upper West Warren Wagon Road (parcel J)

  • And Many others

Some of us need to stay at the original gathering spot, Legacy Park, with your signs and our map displays to inform people in town. This would be a good option for people with young children where safety issues of kids near roads could be avoided. Also a group could move down to Art Roberts park where there are even more chances to interact with the public and kids could have space to play.

By our presence we hope to educate the public about which lands are threatened with privatization and the impending loss that will occur for us all if they are no longer endowment lands. Bring signs, banners, flags and let’s showcase the endowment lands that have been part of the fabric of the history, culture and soul of Idaho and McCall for generations


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