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Leave your legacy for future generations

The strength of PELA is in our grassroots organization, and we strive to be inclusive of all members of the community. If you would like to a supporter of PELA and be part of our email distribution list, and are not already, please either send us a note using the contact button at the bottom of the page or type your email address into the "Subscribe to our newsletter" box and hit "Subscribe".   


We do accept donations to offset our administrative and technical expenses. Donations  are sincerely appreciated. All donations are used for PELA official business, and include mailings to our members, placing ads in newspapers, and general administrative expenses such as our constant contact email mailings, website, and insurance -- all in support of our mission. All directors and officers in PELA are unpaid volunteers. PELA is registered as a nonprofit corporation through the Idaho Secretary of State's office and in April 2021 we revceived our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status through the IRS. This means donations to PELA are tax deductible, and donations previously made are retroactively tax deductible.  

A one-time donation in one of the amounts shown below can be made electronically online by clicking one of the dollar amounts in the Donate Here box and using a credit or debit card.  The payment system is encrypted and secure.  A donation may also be made by check for any dollar amount made out to the Payette Endowment Lands Alliance, Inc. and mailed to:

Payette Endowment Lands Alliance, Inc
PO Box 2351
McCall, ID 83638 





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