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The following information resources are helpful in understanding the endowment land issues and solutions for solving them.

University of Idaho PAG - Idaho's Endowment Lands - A Matter of Sacred Trust, 2011

Letter to Governor Little on Sale/Trade Moratorium, Nov 2020

State Trust Lands in the West - Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2015

IDL Payette Endowment Land Strategy, Dec 2020

University of Idaho PAG report #39, Endowment Lands Economic Contributions to Idaho's Economy

PELA Comments to Land Board Dec 2020

2018 McCall Area Comprehensive Plan

Land Board Overview - 2014

2016 IDL Endowment Lands Asset Management Plan

Land Board Investment Policy

1992 Draft Payette Lakes State Forest Land Use Plan

PELA Comments to IDL Payette Endowment Lands Strategy

PELA Comments to the Land Board Meeting November 2020

Valley County & City of McCall Letter to the Land Board 11.2020

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