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Relationships and Collaboration

We will find shared values and work cooperatively to create conservation and recreation-based solutions. Relationships with government entities; local groups; universities; individuals; and land, water, and wildlife conservation organizations are essential to our efficient and effective conservation work. We will collaborate with others and form collations to develop and implement solutions in accordance with our mission, vision, and values. 

  • We are reaching out to and communicating with officials at the Idaho Land Board, the Idaho Department of Lands, the Idaho department of Parkes and Recreation, and the U.S. Forest Service

  • We are reaching out to officials in the city of McCall dnd Valley County and seeking to collaborate on solutions to protect and conserve these lands  

  • We are working as a member of the United Payette Coalition, a group of many likeminded land and water conservation and recreation organizations and individuals

  • We are seeking input from local citizens through traditional and social media  

  • We are meeting and sharing ideas with members of local stakeholder groups and the universities

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